The circle of life

November 6, 2015Uncategorized Standard

One of only a couple personal thoughts David wrote in his journal while deployed, was admiration for his SNCO Mitchell Polu; the strapping Samoan with the steely facade and soft heart. When David died, Mitchell and the rest of Dflight were forced to stay in Afghanistan to complete the mission. But on the one year anniversary of his death, Mitchell led David’s men in marching over a hundred miles on a symbolic journey to bring their fallen leader to his final resting place. Today, as Mitchell watched from a computer screen in Korea and after 10 grueling hours of labor, I held his wife in my arms as she gave birth to  Kilomita David Gray Polu. The military has a beautiful way of making family out of friends. And today the circle of life was completed. When one withers, another grows. Welcome to the world little one. You bear the name of a mighty warrior and if you’re anything like your dad and mom, you’ll wear it well.

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